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Helpful Tools 

To further assist public health agencies with vaccinating businesses, this section of the toolkit has additional helpful tools and resources.

Online Scheduling Resources 

To be successful vaccination vendor in the business community, it is important to make everything as convenient as possible for the businesses. By seeing the health department’s availability and having the capability to schedule an appointment online, more businesses will be likely to participate. In a survey sent by Safeguard Iowa Partnership, many public health agencies stated they are not capable of online registration for appointments. However, there are many resources available to achieve this capability. By eliminating barriers (e.g. time, inconvenience) it increases the likelihood of business participation. While the available resources are vast, below is a list of potential tools that can be used to help with scheduling of appointments for employer vaccination programs.




  • Click here to visit the website
  • Once you sign up for the tool, you can set up your weekly agenda. From there, clients can view your Scheduly business page to set up appointments. You can even embed your schedule into your Website. If you don't like Scheduly's built in calendar, you can sync it with Google Calendar, iCal, and others to view your appointments.
  • Click here to visit the website
  • Wufoo is an online form that you can customize to fit your needs. You can add and create any field you need to gather information for. In addition, it can be embedded into a variety of platforms i.e. websites, social media, or e-mail. After the business has completed filling out the fields, there is a submit button that easily relays the data back to you. 
  • Click here to visit the website
  • Doodle is very basic and easy to use. First, you will select which days you are available to provide vaccinations to businesses, then you will select the available times. If you do not want to enter this yourself, Doodle is capable of syncing appointments that are on your calendar.  


Google Calendar 

  • Click here to visit the website
  • Microsoft Outlook is a popular platform used by many people. This tool allows you place appointments on your calendar and show your available hours. Outlook also allows you to share calendars to allow others to see your schedule. You can invite others to appointments, so you can send vaccination requests to businesses, and they can send them to you.
  • Click here to visit the website
  • Google Calendar is another free option that operates very similarly to Microsoft Outlook. You can add appointments to your calendar, set your availability, and share with others so they can see. Appointment invitations can be shared and are coded according to the person scheduling.



  • Click here to visit the website
  • This tool is capable of being integrated into many other platforms, such as websites or social media. You can customize your business hours, sent automated text reminders, and select certain staff members for the appointment.
  • Click here to visit the website
  • This tool is designed for small organizations to help them streamline scheduling. The tool first requires you to input your business information. From there, you can list your services and input on the app's calendar when you will be available to provide vaccinations.

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