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When was Safeguard Iowa Partnership established?

The Safeguard Iowa Partnership was launched on January 29, 2007 with support of the Iowa Business Council, Business Executives for National Security and the State of Iowa.

What is Safeguard Iowa Partnership's mission?

Strengthening the capacity of the state to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters through public-private collaboration.

What are the initiatives of Safeguard Iowa Partnership?

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Why does Iowa need a coalition such as Safeguard Iowa Partnership?

Government cannot secure the nation alone. Like other regions, Iowa's state and local governments face budget deficits, while many in the private sector want to contribute to their community's security and disaster response but don't know how to contribute. Safeguard Iowa Partnership is an ideal vehicle for businesses to make a meaningful difference. Safeguard Iowa Partnership is a public/private partnership that fills statewide security and disaster response gaps that neither government nor business can fill alone.

By pledging resources during emergencies, sharing preparedness information and offering services to support well-managed initiatives, partners can contribute in a cost-effective and highly leveraged way to help prevent and reduce the impact of emergencies. Safeguard Iowa Partnership enables companies and their employees to feel a deep sense of pride for having made their community safer.

What is the Iowa Business Council and how is Safeguard Iowa Partnership affiliated with them?

The Iowa Business Council is composed of the CEOs of 22 companies, the Iowa Bankers Association and the three state university presidents. As a group, they employ over 210,000 people throughout Iowa. The mission of the Iowa Business Council is to support Iowa's economic vitality, which is accomplished through research, developing policy statements and loaning the business expertise of its members to assist programs that are important to Iowa. The Iowa Business Council is sponsoring the public-private partnership and serves as an advisor of Safeguard Iowa Partnership.

Does Safeguard Iowa Partnership endorse political candidates or parties?

No, Safeguard Iowa Partnership is a nonpartisan organization. It has never endorsed any party or political candidate. While some members of Safeguard Iowa Partnership are politically active, all members put aside political affiliations for the important work of Safeguard Iowa Partnership.

Does Safeguard Iowa Partnership endorse products, services or partners?

No, Safeguard Iowa Partnership does not endorse any products, services or partner organizations. The purpose of the Partnership is to build relationships among public-private entities for preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters. The board of directors will review claims of partners who abuse their membership to promote or sell their specific products.   

How can I join Safeguard Iowa Partnership?

To join Safeguard Iowa Partnership, complete the online application. All Safeguard Iowa partners must meet the requirements of membership as outlined on the application and are approved by the board of directors.

What does it cost to belong to Safeguard Iowa Partnership?

To become a Partner of Safeguard Iowa Partnership, it does not cost anything. Safeguard Iowa Partnership is supported through government grants, private sponsorships and donations. If you wish to become a sponsor or make a donation, contact the Executive Director at (515) 868-1795 or sip@safeguardiowa.org. Donations made to Safeguard Iowa Partnership are tax deductible.

CONTACT US: (515) 650-0424 | sip@safeguardiowa.org | 1907 Carpenter Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50314

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