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Approaching Businesses 

Many employers do not realize that help and support are available  to offer vaccinations to their employees. Smaller employers, in particular, may think they don't have enough employees on site (or their employees are scattered across multiple geographic sites) to make it worthwhile for a community vaccinator or other program to be in place. Others have not assessed the impact of flu and other vaccine-preventable diseases, and don't realize the impact on their bottom line.
As a business, every decision is weighed with the pros and cons. With the right information and support, the pros can outweigh the cons and employers will be more willing and persuaded to offer vaccinations to employees.
Below are suggestions to meet businesses different needs for information depending on the situation.

If the employer is in this stage; 

Employer's Argument; 

Health Agency's Approach; 

If the employer is not ready to make a change (e.g. promote or offer adult immunizations through the workplace)

  • We don't need this - we don't incur many sick days from influenza or other vaccine-preventable disease
  • Our employees don't want/need it
  • Even if they did want/need vaccinations, that's why we offer health insurance. They can get it from their physician or pharmacy.
  • Present basic information about average sick days
  • Use the ROI calculator
  • Identify industry or employee specific data
  • Suggest employee surveys about whether they'd be interested
  • Share myths/facts
  • Identify internal champions
  • Suggest basic promotional steps

If the employer is considering offering vaccinations to employees, but is still unsure.

  • We might do this in the future, but not now - it is too much of a hassle/burden
  • Identify specific barriers
  • Remind them adult immunizations are covered by a company's insurance plans; the company may be paying for a service they're not getting
  • Connect employers to others in their industry, area, or similar size to talk to a peer that was involved
  • Encourage promotion of vaccination in the workplace and community, whether or not an onsite clinic or event is feasible

If the employer is planning to offer vaccinations, but is not fully committed.

  • We held an onsite vaccination day and few employees showed up.
  • Encourage an ongoing commitment by reminding employers that initial participation rates may be low but should increase over time
  • Suggest employees who were vaccinated and did not miss work tell their stories t colleagues
  • Encourage follow-up activities such as evaluations, reviews of what worked better for employees

If the employer offers vaccinations to employees and is planning on continuing the program, but may change his or her mind.

  • We would like to continue this next year, but we are not sure
  • Continue contacts after initial steps were taken
  • Help set appropriate goals for next year
  • Suggest expansions (to part-time employees)
  • Help track ROI and impact of the program over time
  • Encourage early preparation for the next event and learn from past attempts
  • Encourage ongoing promotion of adult vaccinations 

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