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Cyber threats constantly evolve with increasing intensity and complexity. The ability to achieve mission objectives and deliver business functions is increasingly reliant on information systems and the Internet, resulting in increased cyber risks that could cause severe disruption to a company's business functions or operational supply chain, impact reputation or compromise sensitive customer data and intellectual property. 

Organizations will face a host of cyber threats, some with severe impacts that will require security measures that go beyond compliance. Unlike other disaster threats, cyber threats impacts each and every organization with a computer. The days of ignoring the threat have come to an end, each organization must take steps to protect the entire system. 

Safeguard Iowa Partnership is leading an effort to increase awareness about cybersecurity across the community. 


  • Executive Order on Cybersecurity: The President issued an Executive Order on February 12, 2013 to improve U.S. defenses against cyberattacks. The Executive Order focuses on the following initiatives: 
    • Increased cyberthreat information sharing between government and U.S. companies, including incident reporting and more efficient information flow. 
    • Creation of a common cybersecurity framework to house best practices, standards, maturity models and procedures. 
    • Implementation of a voluntary program to promote the adoption of the framework. 
    • Reviews of existing cybersecurity regulations and proposals for new regulations if needed; privacy and civil liberties protections are included in these reviews. 
  • RE: Cyberis an initiative dedicated to CEO and Board Cybersecurity Risk Management. RE: Cyber is a collaboration of National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
  • US-CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team): a part of DHS' National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) leads efforts to improve the nation's cybersecurity posture, coordinate cyber information sharing, and proactively manage cyber risks to the Nation while protecting the constitutional rights of Americans.

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