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Disaster Recovery Resources 

Disaster recovery begins with pre-disaster preparedness and includes a wide range of planning activities. The ability of a community to accelerate the recovery process begins with its efforts in pre-disaster planning, mitigation, and recovery capacity building. These efforts result in a resilient community with an improved ability to withstand, respond to and recover from disasters. Timely decisions in response to disaster impacts can significantly recovery time and cost. The recovery process is best described as a sequence of interdependent and often concurrent activities that progressively advance a community toward a successful recovery. However, decisions made and priorities set early in the recovery process by a community will have a cascading effect on the nature and speed of the recovery progress.
To truly understand and appreciate the impacts to a community following a disaster, we must step back and look at the community as a whole. What impacts were there to the individual homeowners, the public infrastructure (cities, counties) and lastly the business community? If any one of the three fail, the other two will soon fail.

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