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Considerations for Employer Vaccination Clinic 

Determine the goal of your program 

Goals will vary from company, but it essential to have something to work towards. During this phase, think about the data you need to collect for your program. Comparing participating rates from year to year is one way to measure success.

Decide who is in charge of your employer vaccination program

You could place vaccinations under the umbrella of a larger health promotion effort. Or, you could set up a committee with representatives from multiple departments to take on this responsibility on a volunteer basis. You may also opt to find a partner, such as a vendor with expertise in wellness activities, to take charge of this activity. 

Engage senior management early on 

They can be your strongest advocates for the program. Top executives can ensure that the vaccination program is budgeted each year. They also can serve as role models by offering to be the first in line to receive the vaccine or they can hold an informal gathering to educate employees about the initiative. 

Develop an effective communication strategy 

Informing employees about the importance of being vaccinated against flu should begin well in advance of the actual clinic. The first part of the campaign should address and correct misconceptions that often serve as barriers to participation. To reach employees throughout your business, take advantage of multiple platforms: electronic, print, face-to-face meetings such as "lunch and learns", and interactive approaches such as webinars or close-circuit televisions. 

Discuss whether to offer incentives to encourage participation 

    If this is the first time you are offering a worksite vaccination program, you may want to wait to see the level of participation before offering incentives. If you have been holding clinics for at least a couple of years, you may want to consider offering incentives to boost participation rates, such as reducing the cost of the health insurance premium or providing a gift certificate. 

    Be sure to order the vaccine well in advance of the clinic 

    If you are new to vaccination clinics and are working with an outside vendor, discuss the size of your workplace and projected participation and then order accordingly. If you have offered clinics before, consider ordering about 5% more vaccine than you did the previous year. 

    Consider adding a Family Day to your vaccination program 

    As a way to increase participation among employees and their families, include a Family Day as one of your scheduled clinics. Make the event fun and festive, with games, face painting, and treats for your kids along with vaccines for everyone. If possible, consider including other health screenings, such as weight and blood pressure, as a way to turn the event into a comprehensive Health Fair. 

    Consider opening the clinic up to the public 

    Some businesses have natural foot traffic. Offering vaccines to the public is a gesture of goodwill towards the community. 

    Discuss what vaccines you want to offer 

    Depending on the type of work your business does should drive which adult vaccines you offer to your employees. Some considerations include: 
        • Influenza
        • Tdap: tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough)
        • Hepatitis A
        • Hepatitis B

    Determine the best method of payment for the clinic 

    There are a couple of options to consider as related to payment for the vaccinations. First, determine the cost of the vaccine prior to the start of the vaccine season. Potential options include: 
        • Bill insurance company directly.
        • Employees pays the cost of the vaccination. This method usually results in lower numbers of employees vaccinated.
        • Employer covers all or a portion of the cost. 

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