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Iowa Severe Weather Awareness - Tornado

  • 03/26/2014
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Today is tornado day. In 2011, over 500 people died in the United States from tornadoes!  Do you know where the safest place is in your home or car? 

Additional information:

The FCC has not yet granted Iowa a waiver for the 2014 tornado drill.  Therefore,  the real Emergency Alert System (EAS) warning codes for test messages may or may not be used depending on the status of the waiver. 

 9:50 AM - Storm Prediction Center (SPC) coordinates with Iowa/Nebraska National Weather Service (NWS) offices about a test tornado watch for Iowa and Nebraska.

10:00 AM - SPC issues Test Tornado Watch for Iowa and Nebraska.  Each Iowa/Nebraska NWS offices will issue test Watch Coordination Notification messages.  Test watch will be toned alerted on NOAA All Hazards Radio and sent through the Emergency Alert System (EAS) as a test message.

10:10 AM - NWS Sioux Falls and Omaha issue test tornado warnings for their Iowa counties.

10:15 AM- NWS Des Moines and Quad Cities issue test tornado warnings for their Iowa counties.

10:20 AM - NWS La Crosse issues test tornado warning for their Iowa counties.

10:30-10:35 AM - All Iowa NWS offices issues a Severe Weather Statement to terminate the test warnings.

11:00 AM - Test tornado watch expires.

If severe weather threatens on Wednesday - March 26th, the test will be conducted on Thursday - March 27th at the same time.  Nebraska offices will issue tornado warnings for their Nebraska counties at a locally determined schedule.

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