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  • Training: Managing Lost & Missing Subject Searches

Training: Managing Lost & Missing Subject Searches

  • 03/18/2013
  • 8:00 AM
  • 03/21/2013
  • 5:00 PM
  • Linn County EOC - Kirkwood College Campus - 6301 Kirkwood Blvd - Cedar Rapids - Iowa

Managing Lost & Missing Subject Searches

Planning and preparing for search operations in wilderness, rural or urban environments 

What is it?

There have been many “high profile” searches in the news media, lately. Are you ready for a large incident in your jurisdiction?

Managing Lost and Missing Subject Searches is a 4-day course is designed for those who have the responsibility to plan and prepare for search operations in wilderness, rural or urban environments. It covers concepts appropriate to both lost and missing subjects. The course provides a comprehensive methodology in search for use by local governments and other land management jurisdictions. These same methodologies are also being used for searches in both small and large-scale Law Enforcement operations.

About MLMS

This is not a field skills course; it is management oriented. Participants will learn how to plan for, organize and manage a search effort for lost and missing persons using the incident command system (ICS) structure. The emphasis is on resources needed to do the job right and a recurring cycle of management processes. Small group discussion and 2 actual case study tabletop map exercises are used throughout the course in combination with a robust curriculum and highly experienced instructors. AERIE will award a certificate of completion to those who successfully complete the class.

Participants, who successfully complete this course, should be able to properly manage a search effort for a lost or missing person in the most efficient and productive manner possible. The management skills taught here are consistent with requirements for managing NIMS Level 2 SAR Incidents.

Registration fees, books and class materials provided by the Iowa All-Regions Homeland Security Board


(NIMS) ICS-100 & ICS I-200 series courses (or equivalent). (NIMS) ICS I-300/400 series may also be very helpful. 

Dates: March 18-21, 2013 

Times: 0800-1700 

Location: Linn County EOC - Kirkwood College Campus                             6301 Kirkwood Blvd, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: March 8, 2013 

TO REGISTER: Contact: Liz Manion, mmanion@storycounty.com with NAME, BUSINESS/ADDRESS, PHONE, and EMAIL 


  • The Search Manager's Job & Responsibilities 
  • Legal Issues
  • Concepts of Effective Search Methodology
  • An example case study that went wrong 
  • SAR Vulnerability Assessment
  • Search Resources
  • Developing a SAR Plan
  • Planning Data/Searching Data and SAR statistics 
  • Procedures 
  • Investigation and Interviewing 
  • Lost Subject Behavior 
  • Intro to the Theory of Search Probabilities 
  • Establishing, Designating, Tracking and Prioritizing the Search Area 
  • Applying SAR Resources 
  • Search Tactics - Strategies to Maximize Probability of Detection 
  • Clue Orientation 
  • Briefing and Debriefing 
  • Documentation 

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