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  • Training: Advanced CAMEO for Emergency Planners and First Responders

Training: Advanced CAMEO for Emergency Planners and First Responders

  • 10/06/2016
  • 8:00 AM
  • 10/07/2016
  • 5:00 PM
  • Johnson County Emergency Operations Center 4529 Melrose Avenue - Iowa City, Iowa

Advanced CAMEO for Emergency Planners and First Responders

Course Description:

Topics covered in this training are: 1. Importing/Exporting and Managing Local Tier 2 Records Participants are encouraged to come to class with their local Tier 2 records already entered to CAMEO; Tier 2 import files will be provided for those who do not have the Tier 2 data resident in CAMEO prior to the class. 2. Microsoft EXCEL to CAMEO data transfers 3. Microsoft EXCEL to MARPLOT data transfers 4. Importing ArcView Shapefiles to MARPLOT 5. Linking MARPLOT Objects to CAMEO Records via the MapData.mer file 6. Determining Facility Threat Zones using ALOHA

Course Prerequisites:

This advanced CAMEO course is intended for those persons who have already demonstrated the basic skill to operate CAMEO Suite (CAMEO Chemicals, CAMEOfm, MARPLOT and ALOHA). The course is designed for those wishing to utilize the CAMEO software suite for all-hazards emergency planning. It is recommended (but not required) that all participants have some experience with data entry to the CAMEO and/or MARPLOT software applications. Linkages between CAMEO programs and other software applications (Google Earth, EXCEL, WORD, and ArcView) are explored in depth. Participants learn methods to transfer large amounts of data between CAMEOfm and EXCEL, as well as transferring mapping data into MARPLOT from shape files and spreadsheets.

Course Target Audience:

Emergency Planners/Responders/Management staff, Information Technology Staff, GIS Staff, Support Personnel, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Communications, Public Works, Fire Services, Healthcare, Hazardous Material professionals

Additional Information:

Each student must provide their own laptop and must have Administrative rights for it. We will be installing software and manipulating data which requires Administrative rights for the user. Each laptop must have: Wireless internet capability Microsoft Office: WORD, EXCEL, Powerpoint Google Earth Pdf Reader

Event Dates:

10/6/2016 through 10/7/2016

Event Time:

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day

Event Location/Address:

Johnson County Emergency Operations Center 4529 Melrose Avenue

Event City:

Iowa City

Event State:


Event Zip:


County and Region:

JOHNSON - Region: 6

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