Private Sector Business Case 

Communities are built around government services, private businesses, nonprofit organizations and individual community members. When a disaster of any magnitude strikes a community, there are impacts within each sector of the community. Historically, the work of preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters was left in the hands of government. Based on lessons learned from recent disasters, it's been recognized that the entire community is responsible for ensuring resiliency within that community. Without government, businesses, nonprofit organizations and community members, there is no community.

As a private-sector partner your benefits include:

  • Access to Information Before, During and After a Disaster

Accurate, relevant and validated and timely information is often difficult to obtain during a disaster. Safeguard Iowa - with liaisons in the Emergency Operations Centers - serves as a consortium of information, especially government notices. The information may include situation reports and infrastructure status updates, information your company needs in order to make better decisions regarding employee safety, business continuity and customer relationships.

  • Business Representation in Government Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)

Safeguard Iowa places trained volunteer private-sector liaisons in the state and county EOCs in order to improve coordination and flow of information between the public and private sectors during disasters. At these EOCs, decisions are made on prioritizing safety missions, protecting key infrastructure and allocating resources. The private sector can inform the public sector of specific issues hindering their own recovery. Reporting these issues can assist the state in noticing bigger picture trends, possibly influencing priority of effort for the state recovery. By working and building trust with key government agency partners, participating businesses benefit from improved situational awareness and can facilitate key resource requests during an actual emergency.

  • Collective Voice and Access to Key Agencies

The Partnership provides access to a wide range of state and county agencies and decision makers involved in disaster response - emergency management, public health, public safety and homeland security - to address common business continuity and corporate security concerns.

  • Protecting Current and Potential Customer Base, Corporate Citizenship and Continuity of Community

When a business undertakes readiness activities to assure the continuity of its own operations, it is also bolstering the resilience of the community, state, region and nation in which it operates. A well-prepared business can protect its employees, current and potential customers and suppliers. Effectively responding to a local disaster also helps protect jobs, tax revenues, supplier income streams, investor returns and the well-being of customers. The well-prepared business aids in the overall recovery by not becoming a victim itself.

  • Bridge Industry Silos

Unlike single-industry coalitions, Safeguard Iowa enables participating businesses to share best practices and coordinate responses across industry lines, which is essential when facilitating regional recovery.

  • Joint Exercises and Training

Safeguard Iowa works to make sure businesses can participate in government disaster exercises and training, which not only improves public-private coordination but also helps participating companies identify gaps in their continuity plans.

  • Pooling Private Sector Resources

By pledging resources during emergencies, sharing preparedness information and offering services to support well-managed initiatives, the business community can contribute in a cost-effective and leveraged way which reduces the impact of emergencies on our region.

Additional Benefits: 

  • Access to guidance and tools on how to conduct risk assessments to identify critical business functions and community needs
  • Access to experts to identify and enhance critical infrastructure protection
  • Unlimited number of representatives on the Safeguard Iowa Partnership teams 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation and a seat for trained private-sector liaisons at state and county Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
  • Access to enter and review a registry of critical personnel and equipment needed during emergencies
  • Eligibility to serve as a member of the Board of Directors

Learn how your company can gain additional benefits by becoming a sponsor!

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