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  • Exercise: Virtual Exercise Series - School Hostage Focus

Exercise: Virtual Exercise Series - School Hostage Focus

  • 08/20/2014
  • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Virtual

The Virtual Tabletop Exercises (VTTX) will be offered monthly by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). The VTTX involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting, and can be used to assess plans, policies, training and procedures. The VTTX differs from other Tabletop exercises in that it will be conducted using Video-Teleconference (VTC) technology (not web based), and is intended to provide an opportunity for responders across the nation to simultaneously participate in a hazard-specific facilitated discussion.

Lead facilitation for the exercise will be coordinated by EMI, with local facilitation provided by the participating agency.
This format will allow the common delivery of exercise materials, scenarios, modules and discussion questions among those participating in the exercise.

Target Audience:
The VTTX program is designed for a “community based” group (not individuals) of at least 12 or more personnel from
local or State emergency management organizations with representation from all Emergency Management disciplines public safety, public works, public health, health care, government administrative, communications, military, private sector, non-governmental, and other whole community partners involved in incident response and recovery.

Exercise Design
This VTTX is designed to engage the participants in a no fault, hazard-specific exercise discussion. The lead facilitation will occur via VTC from the EMI campus, and will be complimented by a dedicated local agency facilitator at each VTC site.
The VTTX will be supported by an Exercise and Coordination Facilitation Guide, which will include all required logistical information (room layout, connection instructions, etc.), as well as facilitation and hot wash instructions.

The VTTX will consist of:
• A hazard awareness briefing on the scenario hazard.
• Three discussion modules presented by the EMI facilitator.
• Local discussion with guided questions facilitated by an on-site facilitator.
• Brief-outs from each participating location after each module.
• Hot wash conducted at each location after the VTC has ended.
• AAR/IP submission by the participating organization no later than 30 days from the completion of the VTTX

Participation Requirements:
The VTTX will be limited to approximately 10 locations per exercise. Participants must have an appropriate site
equipped with VTC capability (not web based) that can access the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) VTC site (connection information will be provided by EMI). Participating locations will be responsible for local
exercise logistics, and should designate an exercise coordinator to implement the logistical requirements for the exercise.

In addition, the location must provide a person capable of facilitating the on-site portion of exercise. Electronic copies
of the related exercise materials (Exercise and Coordination Facilitation Guide, Situation Manual, agenda, etc.) will be
provided in advance by EMI.

Program Information:
For additional program data to include an information paper and frequently asked questions (FAQs), please email Todd
Wheeler at Todd.Wheeler@fema.dhs.gov or phone (301) 447-1101.

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